Jason Lee Elliott Personal Goals

JasonCreative Director

Before the Project Started

My ultimate goal at the school is to create my own company. I have lots of experience making games and can do art, design and code. However, I want to use this opportunity to not touch any of the asset creation process and focus on managing of others and building my skills as a leader and a creative director.

After the Project Finished

I found the whole process quite challenging. Being so used to getting my hands dirty in the creation process, I really wanted to dive in and help but was able to refrain for the most part (I did do the final lighting pass and a couple letter textures). I also realized that I took on more work than I should have, but for a good reason. Leading the design AND art style AND the project management, meant I had a lot of work and was a bottleneck early on. However, I also wanted let everyone else be able to focus on their own work. In the future I will definitely want a proper project manager to take on these tasks.


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