Erick Delgado R


Erick Delgado is a filmmaker born in Mexico City. He has a passion for directing and cinematography and has worked professionally in the industry for the past 5 years shooting television commercials, corporate work, documentaries and feature films. Erick loves genre cinema and hopes to craft visually striking, character driven, interactive projects.  Erick wants to experiment and create worlds in order to push the boundaries of  transmedia interactive storytelling.


My main goal is to create a company; a collaborative and creative space in which individuals from diverse artistic backgrounds can interact, imagine and build new and innovative transmedia experiences. From Film to Game, Written or drawn our goal is to produce compelling and stunning content.

Storytelling is a passion of mine. I will focus on building, expanding and reimagining the universe of Edgar Allan Poe. By creating a living and breathing world, the storytelling possibilities are endless as are the transmedia applications and products derived from it.

Personally, I want to expand and continue to tailor my creative direction skills, explore Maya further and find a breed between project management and creative direction, while immersing myself in the work of my team mates and learning the threshold of the software and distribution platforms at our disposal.



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