Helen Wang

Helen is an UI/UX designer with much 2D graphic design experience and game design experience. This project is a chance for her to enrich her experience for creating artistic contents for 3D world. Also, it’s an opportunity to explore more possibilities in vector art style by designing vector characters and textures for the Edgar Allan Poe’s world.

Goals at the Start of the Semester

My main goal is to help build this company by my art skills and game design skills. I want to devote myself into the working environment with overlapping roles. In this project, not only assets are recycled, staffs are also “recycled”. I’d like to push my limit and try new things.

Secondly, I want to practice my art skills by exploring the vector art style to create a macabre atmosphere for the world of Edgar Allan Poe. In this project, unlike the vector art I did before, it requires more details. Besides, for creating textures for 3d models, I want to try new ways to make textures like using Mudbox or other tools.

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