Jason Lee Elliott

Jason has almost 20 years of professional game development experience as a game designer and artist. He is very active in the computer graphics community, having run several non-profit organizations including being the current President of Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH. This project has been a passion of his since he first came to the school with a goal of starting a creative studio and will continue to develop his skills as an entrepreneur, manager and utilize all his artistic and design skills.

Goals at Start of Semester

My ultimate goal is to create a transmedia company that makes interesting and innovative products. I have a firm belief that there are better ways to develop high quality products for multiple distribution channels without overburdening the team through efficient processes and proper planning. This project will allow me to explore how to build and engage an audience while producing a game, comic and other content around a robust IP. I want to do less direct management and attempt to work in a flat hierarchy. I really want to push my creative boundaries in game design, art direction, and play around in a variety of different media formats. By the end of the semester I want to have quantifiable audience growth and an excellent selection of products that have proven production channels.

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