Marcelo Martinez Carreon

Marcelo is a skilled 3D artist and is looking to contribute with new approaches for tackling industry issues to help generate more immersive and appealing digital content. He feels that this is an excellent opportunity to develop and focus his skillset and will present some interesting artistic and technical challenges to overcome.



My main goal is to fully understand and challenge the creative content work pipeline from the point of view of a 3D and a technical artist.

I am willing to test art styles and ambiences to match the unique branching gameplay that this adaptation will offer. Additionally, I am hoping to enhance and develop skills and problem solving regarding the 2D/3D mix world; new techniques and tools have to be researched and implemented to fully optimize this project in the long term.

As all the other members of the team, I believe there can be a more efficient way to develop high quality content without pushing work hours, budget, and resources to the limit. I believe in the statement of this future company and I want to keep contributing on its projects.


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