Dev Blog #007 – A Lost Week

The week started off with a review of our milestone and an adjustment to our schedule going forward. As previously mentioned, we were pretty happy with what we have achieved, but that we had not completed everything we had intended. Looking forward at what we promised for the next milestone, we still believed that we could complete all the desired tasks, but not if we kept progressing in the same manner.


We knew we had a pipeline problem that we had to fix. The problem being that so much of the content was contingent on the story and we were still in the early stages of its development. We hadn’t noticed that this issue was going to occur because we had so much researching and experimentation to do. We had been working on the story in bits and pieces, which made us feel like we were on track. That all changed when we tried to make some pages for the comic. Suddenly it became very apparent that we had missed something very important. Once we identified the problem, we quickly to steps to remedy it. We broke our next milestone down into two sprints. Our first sprint is to lockdown the story and the art style so that we can move into production. The second sprint will be all about building assets.


Changing direction wasn’t the only hiccup we had last week. Our individual schedules were a complete mess due to several things happening at the school itself. First we had an Industry Showcase, where all the students showed off their portfolios and projects developed during our first two semesters. This caused a lot of chaos as everyone was trying to pull something together to show off. It also meant that some of our other courses had to be rescheduled to other days. Needless to say, it was challenging to find time for everyone to get together and discuss the House Of Usher. Fortunately, we had anticipated this happening and had scheduled ourselves accordingly so we all had tasks we could do independently.

“I dread the events of the future, not in themselves but in their results.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

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