Dev Blog #012 – Putting it all Together

Over the last week we have been keeping our heads down and focused on getting everything into the game itself. Marcelo has been busy finishing up the animations and finally handed over the JSON format so the animations could be coded into the game. He also started making all the 3D assets and UVing them. Helen finished up most of the 2D interactable assets and started working on textures. Jason took over responsibility for the main layout of the house, both models and textures. He spent a lot of time shrinking each room and putting in some of the fine details, like wainscotting and pillars.


On the story side, Erick wrapped his first pass on the story elements in Articy and handed over the XML to Monkey. In the process of figuring out how the data will be integrated into Unity, we discovered a flaw in our template system. Luckily it was a fairly easy fix to add the new elements and we were able to get a new set of data in just a couple of hours.


We only have a week left on this phase and we are going to continue to keep our heads down and push through. We still have many things that aren’t implemented and we are really starting to feel the pressure.

Sleep, those little slices of death — how I loathe them.
― Edgar Allan Poe

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