Stage 2

The Tell-Tale Heart One-pager


Essence Statement

Do not call me mad! What I did was not done out of malice or accident. Nay, every element of it was planned, every detail thought through. My methods were exact and executed to perfection. This horrible crime will never be discovered, as I left no clues to visit justice upon the act. Even the police, who now roam this house, are completely unaware of what lies beneath their feet. If only they don’t hear that beat, beat, beat… that ever-louder heartbeat.

Game Overview

In this dark, surreal adventure based on Edgar Allan Poe’s the Tell-tale Heart short story, the player takes on the role of the murderer trying to cover up his crime. Evidence must be hidden, questions must be answered convincingly, and behavior must remain calm. All of this must be done as the player’s experience slowly descends into madness.

Through simple point-and-click exploration, potential clues must be found and hidden without drawing attention of the police in the room. As the game progresses, it will become harder to gauge what elements in the surrounding environment are real, and what are merely manifestations of the player’s guilty conscience meant to draw their behaviour and actions away from a proper semblance of propriety, thus attracting further police scrutiny.

The police will investigate in a methodical pattern, interrogating the player in turns, following the clues they uncover or letting conversational threads go cold as the player successfully evades the line of questioning. Player patterns will be assessed to simulate the police watching for unnatural behavior, such as moving around too much or picking up the same objects repeatedly.

This will be an adaptive story, where the actions of the player will directly affect the outcome of the ending. A successful ending will have the player get away with murder. There will be multiple failure endings which will result in the player being arrested based on the evidence and actions they failed to control.

Key FeaturesonePagerArt

Deceptive Distractions: the manifestations of your guilty conscience in the game world will conspire to confuse what is real and illusory; can you maintain your grip on sanity?

Be Aware: your behaviour will affect gameplay, thus acting rashly or erratically can give you away- temperance is key!

Criminal Cover-up: Hide the evidence and evade each beat of police questioning before you descend into total madness!