Team Lunch 03

Dev Blog #003 – Ball is Rolling

With our team structure in place and our plan pretty much locked down, we were finally able to start getting into the fun, creative stuff. A lot of our time was spent doing research for our individual roles. Helen began looking for art style references and practicing on the Cintiq. Marcelo had the large task […]

Week 5 Review

In this fifth week of development, we finally achieved full implementation of the design. The game is at a point where we can play the game through to all the endings and have the appropriate effects for the descent into madness. This is a major milestone for us as we couldn’t really get quality feedback for […]

Week 4 Review

This week was the first week where we had enough of a game to be able to start reviewing the experience as a whole. Guilherme was able to implement all of our suspicion mechanics and we are now able to play the game through to two of the end states. He was also able to get the […]

Week 3 Review

In our third week of development we decided to focus on building up the first two minutes of the game, starting with the splash screen right through to the first interaction with the police. This would allow us to see all the components in our game working and to see if we can set the […]